Digital We Go! Asia Power Week

Digital We Go! Asia Power Week


Covering every aspect of the power generation industry, POWER-GEN Asia and Renewable Energy World Asia converge again in 2017 as Asia Power Week. Benefit from three days packed with technical tours, more than 50 conference sessions, panel discussions, a comprehensive exhibition and multiple networking events. Asia Power Week 2017 will commemorate 25 years of POWER-GEN Asia as the premier power industry event for the Asia continent. Initially beginning in 1992 as a collaborative event with our POWER-GEN India & Central Asia conference and exhibition, POWER-GEN Asia went alone a short while later, taking place in various countries around Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore

This year’s Power Week is all about the phenomenon that is about to transform the energy landscape – Digitalization. Learn about its transformative impact on all parts of the electricity sector, empowering customers and providing the  building blocks of the energy internet. Learn about the emerging energy cloud, the opportunities that the internet of things offers and the need to manage the risks of cyber intrusions. On Wednesday, 20.9, Fintrade’s Chairman Jari Vepsäläinen will be hosting a Digital / IoT Session alongside brands such as GE, ABB, Siemens and Mitsubishi. You can find more details about the event down below or visit the website for this year’s Asian Power Week.

Session with Jari Vepsäläinen, Session 5b: Internet of Things

Room: Nile 4 Session Number:TBS5
Wednesday, 20 September 2017: 16:00 – 17:30
Mr. Jari Vepsäläinen
The Switch Hongkong, a Yaskawa Company

Visit the session and program info here

Jari E. Vepsäläinen, Chairman of China Outreach Committee of the Independent Power Producers Forum (IPPF) which committee is facilitating Chinese foreign energy investment on global scale.

IPPF is a non-profit organization made up of senior executives and decision-makers from the power generation and related industry sectors. IPPF interacts with government entities, international bodies and financial institutions and has growing presence in North America, Europe and the Gulf. IPPF presents global investment opportunities across and acts as facilitator for power / energy decision-makers from around the world.

Mr. Vepsäläinen has been actively involved as strategic investments advisor in the People’ s Republic of China for more the 30 years where he has managed direct foreign investments into China at petrochemical, energy, shipbuilding, telecommunication and renewable energy fields.