There are many brands. There are more products.

Among leading brands, products are so uniformly good that there is little to separate them – it comes down to the brand. In a hyper-competitive world, companies have to work harder for their name and to establish an identity in order to be relevant. We live in extraordinary times, where current performance is no longer an indication of future success.  The digital age has further reinforced that businesses must continually adapt or get left behind.

Fintrade-Mercer Group Brands supports companies to create an effective, unique and differentiated brand in China and beyond.

We are not a design agency. We are a brand strategy and legal consultancy firm with strong know-how in brand transformation and guiding companies into markets in Asia, utilising our established partner networks and expertise in the region.

In accordance with your brand and business goals, we provide the following experience:


  • Brand idea, strategy, proposition and values
  • Brand creation and design, look & feel
  • Simplifying complex brand architecture
  • Creating brand-experience and tools


  • Transforming and adapting brands in to China and the rest of Asia
  • Digital development and guidance
  • Launching a new product or service


  • PR, advertising, social media and design agency partner search and cooperation
  • Access to our strong agency network and contacts in Hong Kong and China


  • Engaging staff and customers in new business visions
  • Quality process, key account and project management
  • Education and seminars
  • Board and second opinion advice regarding brands