Financial Advisory

Innovative and fast-growing firms are the driving force of the global world in the 21st century. At the same time, the opportunity to access funding is crucial for most small to mid-sized companies. Angel investors, business partners, investment banks, institutional investors and  VCs can offer a great source of collaboration, investment opportunities and even mentorship.

The Fintrade-Mercer Group will help you to find your way through the complex world of capital-raising and M&As in China. We will identify advisory & investment firms operating in specific industries, and support your organic and inorganic strategy. In addition, the Fintrade-Mercer Group has worked together with many companies as a shareholder and angel investor, to promote active ownership and risk diversification.

A favorable strategy is constructed to acquire the financial, knowledge based and relational resources you need in specific marketplaces. Through cooperation, you can reach your full creative potential and obtain the resources needed to execute your plans. Under the right terms and at the right time.

In accordance with your business goals, we provide financial advisory in the following fields:

Capital Markets

  • Advice on equity financing for public and private companies
  • Independent valuation opinions relating to the raising of capital
  • IPO guidance to owners on process and timing

M&A Advisory

  • Objective advice on complex cross-border transactions in China
  • Taking part in M&A negotiations and decision-making
  • Planning the transaction process

Fintrade-Mercer Group as a Shareholder and Angel Investor

  • We can participate in your business as a shareholder
  • Active ownership and risk diversification
  • Selecting the right market and operating effectively in that selected market

Our long-term networks with investors in Asian-Pacific countries has led to an extensive track record of cross-border transactions and exists in various industries. We regularly advise international funds on investments and acquisition mandates especially, nowadays, alongside the Chinese Investment Master Plan – The Belt and Road initiative.