In recent years, foreign investors have radically changed their views on operating in China. China is no longer a base for low cost manufacturing. It is a centre for high tech industries, market and R&D development and a base for future global exports. China has been and is a great market for traditional industries but in recent years the import of foreign consumer products has risen drastically.

Today an increasing number of corporate and institutional investors are moving into the technology market in China and the country is now seen as a target of strategic investment, whether as an alliance model or having ownership of manufacturing structures in China, or a combination of both. Meanwhile, China is also entering the world market with investment projects and by purchasing leading Western brands. This opens a new era in China-related business on the global scene.

In accordance with your business goals, we provide experience in the following fields:


  • Business development and strategy
  • Project feasibility study for market entry and China business specifics
  • China government negotiations
  • Strategic sourcing and manufacturing
  • Finding the right partners and partner negotiation


  • Setting up a base for China operations or off-shore business
  • Registered office, secretarial and managerial services
  • Providing moving and accommodation support, assistance with visa applications and bank accounts