EPSE APAC at the Asian Financial Forum

EPSE APAC at the Asian Financial Forum

EPSE APAC at the Asian Financial Forum

EPSE Oy, a privately owned Finnish company, specializes in the treatment of industrial hazardous processes and wastewater, as well as mining wastewaters containing soluble metals. With a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and technological innovation, EPSE has expanded its operations worldwide, particularly in Asia, including regions such as Mainland China, Vietnam, and Kazakhstan.

In the picture: EPSE APAC Chairman Jari Vepsäläinen

Recognizing the growing importance of the Asian market, EPSE took a strategic step in 2023 by establishing EPSE APAC to better serve clients in the region.

This commitment was further underscored by EPSE’s participation in the prestigious Asian Financial Forum, where EPSE Oy CEO Jouni Jääskeläinen found himself engaged in a series of meetings with potential partners and investors, showcasing the company’s technologies and expertise on a global stage.

Looking forward, EPSE aims to strengthen its presence in Asia by establishing a Research and Development (R&D) and Technology Hub in Hong Kong Science Park. This move not only reinforces EPSE’s dedication to innovation but also positions Hong Kong as a hub for pioneering wastewater treatment solutions in the APAC region.

Participation in the Asian Financial Forum provided EPSE with valuable insights into the investment landscape and investor expectations, paving the way for potential funding opportunities to support EPSE APAC’s expansion plans, including the establishment of the Tech Hub.

Hong Kong was chosen as the ideal location for EPSE’s operations in Asia due to its strategic positioning within the APAC region, favourable regulatory environment, and access to a pool of highly skilled specialists.

With Asia emerging as the largest market for industrial wastewater treatment and an increasing focus on climate change mitigation, EPSE sees significant opportunities for growth and expansion in the region. Leveraging platforms like the Asian Financial Forum, EPSE continues its mission of driving sustainability through innovative wastewater treatment technologies.