Government Delegations Key to Success in Asia-Pacific

Government Delegations Key to Success in Asia-Pacific

Fintrade-Mercer co-operates closely with major Western companies and brands with a variety of aspects in market entry, sales system, localization, IPR protection, corporate legal services for establishment and Legal Compliance after business launches. Our decades-long experience in organizing Government Business Missions and close personal connections are invaluable for companies entering new markets and a key success factor when doing business in Asia Pacific where trust is required more than anywhere else in the World.

In recent months, Hong Kong has witnessed a summer of protests. Despite that, Hong Kong still remains a safe destination to travel, live and do business. Hong Kong’s long-term reputation as the number one city for international trade and for establishment of a regional corporate headquarters remains unchanged, however, we have challenges ahead.

Nevertheless, Fintrade closely monitors how the situation Hong Kong develops. Free markets, rule of law, confidence in governance, freedom of media and stability of the society are key components for prosperity.

We are familiar how to work in situations like now has arisen in Hong Kong and our China expertise services also include safety and security protocols, legal and business risk assessment, management control, supervisory services, and IPR protection of technology and remedies and working closely with Authorities, among other things.

Broaden Your Horizon, Do Not Try to Do It Alone

Fintrade has a long, hands-on experience in organizing governmental business missions. The concept was first developed in the early 1990’s for Israel Government and Israel Export Institute soon after the establishment of Israel-China diplomatic ties in 1992.

Our Business Missions to the China market combine TV and media, promotion activities, invitation only seminars, private exhibitions and individual tailor-made meetings. This is the most effective promotional mix when doing business with government representatives from Asia-Pacific.

The program organized by Fintrade will be customized for each participating delegation. This includes tailor-made individual meeting program with high-level, technical negotiations between the clients. After official negotiations, more casual events, such as dinners, are organized for all participating delegations. This allows new acquaintances to mix and mingle in a more relaxed way and build personal relationships to show who we are and what we have to offer.

Fintrade’s role as a gateway service is crucial for businesses entering new markets, especially in regions where conducting business values personal contacts. Thus, the additional value of business missions for companies lies in the decades long, hands-on experience Fintrade has when it comes to operating in China. Through our established networks, companies have an access straight to the negotiation table.

Modern Cutting-Edge Technologies Introduced in 2019

 For 2019 Fintrade has been working closely with companies in the front of new technologies. Healthcare, Biotechnology, Cyber Security and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are just some examples of rapidly developing, transformational technologies we are working with.

One of these companies is Medix Biochemica, a Finnish biotechnology company specialized in developing, producing, and marketing of antibodies, antibody services, and antigens for IVD industry. In addition, Medix Biochemica serves the global healthcare industry with diagnostic rapid tests.

Since mid 2016, Medix Biochemica has run the China business operations from Shanghai, where the Company established their wholly owned foreign enterprise with the help of Fintrade-Mercer. As Medix China has experienced significant growth in its operations, the company has employed more professionals and moved to larger premises to facilitate the expansion.

Medix China’s sales volumes have grown significantly, over 40 % per year. Not surprisingly, China is becoming one of the largest markets for the company. Meanwhile, the scope of their China operations has expanded to include quality control and production.

Successful business is a combination of planned actions, healthy industry growth and good luck says Mr. Ismo Råman, CEO of Medix Biochemica. He identifies the right partners, importance of planning, and adopting new terms as some of the key factors, which made it possible for Medix.

Fintrade was selected as Medix China Company Legal Compliance and Supervisor already in the beginning. The role of Company Supervisor extends far beyond auditing, from monitoring legal compliance to foreseeing the challenges of business operations. Fintrade being the Company Secretary gives the management and other stakeholders confidence and trust in the operations in China.

IPR in China – Major Concern for Foreign Businesses

China can be a challenging market to operate. Even after 40 years since the opening of China for foreign investments, businesses still might encounter undesirable experiences, such as theft or lack of protection of their technology and intellectual property (IP) assets. In fact, IP protection in China remains a major concern for foreign businesses.

Fintrade offers practical solutions dealing with IP rights and strategies, contract negotiation and risk management, and organizational decision-making in China. Fintrade has successfully executed foreign direct investments in a variety of industries, from energy, petrochemicals, and healthcare to telecommunications and cyber security.

IP rights and protection in China can be hard to fathom. For instance, software must be registered and protected separately, since copyrights do not automatically include them, unlike in Europe. The importance of software protection is ever more important for foreign companies, due to the ongoing trade war issues.

Fintrade’s China expertise also covers software protection and copyrights in China. On 3 September 2019, Mr. Jari Vepsäläinen will be hosting a workshop on ”Practical Strategies for Doing Business in China – IP Strategies, Contracts and Decision-making” at the Sino-Finnish Research Centre for Science of University of Vaasa. Please register to the event by email before 27 August 2019. More details can be found at the end of this report.

Mr. Jari Vepsäläinen was appointed as the Chairman of the Legal and Regulatory Committee by the WUAVF Chairman Mr. Jincai Yang.

The Saga Continues in Cyber Space and in the Air

In June 2019, we organized in co-operation with Cyberwatch Finland a successful week-long business launch for Finnish Cyber Security companies to Hong Kong and Shenzhen where our Chairman Jari Vepsäläinen was nominated as Chairman of Legal and Regulatory Committee of the World UAV Federation (WUAVF).

In October 2019, the saga continues in Finland. Fintrade and Cyberwatch Finland will host high-level VIP delegations and arrange a Business Mission for Finnish Cyber Security and UAV companies for public and private organizations from Asia-Pacific markets on October 1-3. The VIP Delegations consist of multiple Asian markets, such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

In addition, the delegations will participate Helsinki Drone Congress and Cyber Security Nordic. During the Congress, the World UAV Federation (WUAVF) Finland Chapter will be officially established. The Helsinki Drone Congress brings together internationally recognized executives, leading experts, drone professionals, and manufacturers from all around the world. Furthermore, the Congress will serve as a platform to conduct extensive discussions relevant to the UAV Industry world-wide.

Fintrade-Mercer together with Cyberwatch Finland invites everyone to join our Event in Helsinki on 1-3 October 2019.

Mr. Frederick Chia of Interpol, Lan Yubin, and Jari Vepsäläinen at the 3rd Drone World Congress in Shenzhen in June 2019.


The Helsinki Business Mission includes the following program:

Tuesday, October 1


Individual meetings customized meetings with Asian delegations

Helsinki Drone Congress
Establishment of WUAVF Finland Chapter

Wednesday, October 2


Individual meetings customized meetings with Asian delegations

Helsinki Drone Congress

Cyber Security Nordic

Thursday, October 3


Individual meetings customized meetings with Asian delegations

Helsinki Drone Congress

Cyber Security Nordic

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